Insurance Investment Exchange wins Insurance Event of the Year

We are delighted to announce that the Insurance Investment Exchange has won the ‘Insurance Event of the Year’ award at the inaugural Insurance Marketing and PR Awards 2015, beating strong competition from the Chartered Insurance Institute and LV=.

The awards were launched by Post and Insurance Age, two stalwarts of the British insurance industry, to recognise the people that provide the zest across the insurance industry to keep their businesses and brands firmly connected with their customers, and at the forefront of the markets they serve. The awards were judged by a special panel of industry experts, with the winners being announced at a special afternoon event on 26 June, 2015.

“This is a strong validation of the value-add that the Insurance Investment Exchange has brought to the insurance industry in its short history,” said Bob Swarup, Head of Research at the Insurance Investment Exchange. “Solvency II and the current macro environment create unique investment challenges for the insurance industry globally, and intelligent as well as thoughtful information exchange is a key part of finding new solutions.”

“Since our launch in December 2013, we have carved out a strong niche, educating the industry as well as connecting leaders from across the investment and insurance industries,” said John Townley, Head of Business Development at the Insurance Investment Exchange. “We are delighted to be part of the drive to find answers, and will be rolling out new services and events over the coming year to meet the insurance industry’s needs.”


The Insurance Investment Exchange was founded in December 2013 and represents a new way to share knowledge, insight and understanding in today’s challenging insurance investment environment. Asset-liability management (ALM) is paramount like never before for insurance companies. The financial crises of recent years coupled with the wide-ranging fiscal and monetary initiatives undertaken by governments have created uncertainty. Meanwhile, sweeping regulatory changes are having an unprecedented impact on the way insurance companies act and behave, uncovering balance sheet volatility across the board.

The consequence is an increased board level debate of all risks as insurance companies seek to balance the growing demands of capital against long-term profitability. The status quo of a static long-term strategic asset allocation, largely centered around maximising yield, is an increasingly flawed approach and will no longer work going forward. Insurers now need to better understand the implications that the above changes will have on their investment portfolios and how best to exploit opportunities and avoid pitfalls. There is a significant shift underway towards a more dynamic assessment of risk, return and capital. Alongside, various “new” asset classes and instruments are becoming part of the toolkit as markets look to innovate solutions.

Intelligent and thoughtful information exchange coupled with incisive thought leadership are the keys to navigating this new environment. The Insurance Investment Exchange is a first step towards finding the solutions of tomorrow. These events will welcome leaders from across the insurance and investment sectors.


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