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2024: The assets that matter – and those that don’t

What does 2024 hold for the asset classes favoured by insurers? Will there be winners and losers: if so, where? Our team of experts looks at what 2024 might hold.

2024: A step nearer normality?

Just what should we expect of 2024? After the relative calm of the last 12 months will this year deliver more of the same or will there be new hazards to negotiate? Our team of experts looks at what 2024 might hold.

2023: A sense of relief

As 2023 draws to a close those charged with marshalling the vast assets of the insurance industry must be experiencing a sense of relief that the year has passed without a repeat of the extreme volatility that battered them in 2022.

Boards expecting more from investment returns

For non-life insurers the relationship between underwriting strategies and investment returns is growing closer. Boards are increasingly linking the two and lifting these crucial, but often very distinct and separate, business units out of their silos.

Liquidity risk on regulators' radar

The need for financial institutions to evolve their management of liquidity risk as the interest rate environment continues its uncertain road to a new equilibrium is a key focus for regulators in the UK and around the world.

Seeing credit through fresh eyes

Insurers should be taking a fresh look at credit, seeking out the opportunities to include carefully selected quality assets in their portfolios. This was the key message that came out of an Insurance Investment Exchange roundtable held in conjunction with Loomis Sayles Investments, writes David Worsfold, Contributing Editor.


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