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Reaching out to a green, hybrid world

In the second of two articles, seven people with different perspectives on the insurance industry’s investment scene offer their predictions of what 2022 might hold.

Reaching out to normality?

New Year predictions have always been laced with caveats, uncertainty and the hope that by the end of the year they do not look ridiculously wide of the mark. The global chaos caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has doubled and re-doubled that uncertainty but are we, at last, reaching out to normality?

Inflation push and pull divides central bankers

Inflation is casting a darkening shadow across all major economies, knocking away the complacency that assumes its once corrosive influence has been neutralised.

Surveying the commercial real estate landscape

The evolving landscape of commercial real estate markets post-Covid, changes in cashflow and risk profiles, and the implications for insurance portfolios were all on the agenda for the latest Insurance Investment Exchange virtual roundtable.

COP26: Governments will come calling

Insurance company CIOs watching COP26 are probably feeling contrasting emotions. On the one hand, none of them will be wishing for it to fail in pulling the world back from the brink of potential catastrophe but they will not want too many new rules tying their hands – at least not too many, too fast.

Bank offers new guidance on managing climate risks

New guidance to help regulated firms manage climate-related financial risk has been published by the Bank of England's Climate Financial Risk Forum (CFRF) in advance of next week's COP26 conference opening in Glasgow. This is aimed at all financial services firms, including insurers and asset managers.


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