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March 2018 Seminar: Searching for the Illusion of Normalisation

Normalisation of monetary policy a decade on from the financial crisis could be an illusion. When is normalisation going to arrive – or is this it?

November Seminar: Value and Growth - Ghostly Apparitions or Realistic Aspirations?

2018 has been a tough year for insurance investment teams and it is certainly not ending on a high. This grim reality cast a long shadow over the final Insurance Investment Exchange seminar of the year.

November Voting Results: Little Christmas Cheer as Gloom Descends

Insurance investment professionals were in a distinctly downbeat mood when they gathered in the grandeur of Skinners’ Hall for the final Insurance Investment Exchange seminar of 2018 at the end of November. 

It’s Too Late for Hand-Wringing – Globalisation is Already Dead

 The below piece on deglobalisation first appeared in the Guardian on 2nd December 2016. Today’s paradigm is globalisation and free trade is its evangelical mantra.

Thought Leadership: The Future of Fixed Income

Leading fund managers are continuing to explore how Artificial Intelligence, the powerful off spring of the Big Data revolution, might transform the staid world of fixed income, especially in the institutional sphere.

Beware of False Brexit Dawns

“Equivalence”. The cheers echoed around the streets of the City of London, as newspapers carried a succession of optimistic reports from the Brexit frontline. 


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