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AI: Coming to a portfolio near you

Threat or tool? Friend or foe? Across the world, in every sector of business and walk of life the seemingly sudden emergence of generative artificial intelligence into the mainstream is prompting discussion that can be framed in those simplistic terms, writes Contributing Editor David Worsfold.

Macro trends and market volatility keep nerves jangling

Across Europe insurers are still nervously watching macro-economic trends and market volatility, fearful of more unexpected adverse movements, according to the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA).

Net zero collaboration under strain

We haven't talked about ESG or net zero in a while. This is not to say it's not important, but other matters have crowded in ahead, as markets and sentiment prevaricate over each day's new data points.

Persistent inflation is key insurer concern

A recent survey of chief financial officers at 22 leading European insurers by ratings agency Moody’s put persistent inflation at the top of their list of concerns for the next 12 months.

UK economy: Looking beyond Brexit

The view that the UK is the sick man of the G7 economies when it comes to growth is misplaced, with key data on growth and trade showing the UK firmly in the middle of the major economies, according to Simon French, chief economist at Panmure Gordon.

Little to fear from solvency reforms as ratios at record high

The UK life insurance sector’s solvency ratios are currently at a record high, according to Fitch Ratings.


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