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Global Insurance Trends 08.03.2016

This week, the ABI has replaced its Solvency II Committee with a new Prudential Regulation Committee, headed by David Innes, RSA Group Capital and Financial Risk director.

Brexit: The Elephants in the Room Multiply

Whenever the threat of a Brexit vote in the June referendum is discussed in City boardrooms, you can almost count the elephants lining up around the walls.

Global Insurance Trends 28.02.2016

This week, published 2015 financials were positive. AXA raised net income by 3% with Chairman and CEO Henri de Castries saying that Ambition AXA had been successfully delivered.

Rating Agencies Turn Negative

The darkening mood of ratings agencies is heaping more pressure on investment portfolios and managers in the insurance sector.

Climate Changes for Insurance Portfolios

Climate change. No, this is not another article to send onto those poor underwriting folk, as they struggle to develop new models for assessing and transferring climate change related risks, especially at the catastrophe end of the risk spectrum.

Insurance companies grapple uneasily with new regulatory constraints

Regulatory pressures, investment constraints, and the difficulties of managing the portfolio construction process are converging to challenge the insurance industry and its investment managers.


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