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Lockdown hasn’t quite ended, but little shoots of normality are appearing as countries begin to reopen. Our recent weekly updates contain helpful summaries of key data, trends and analysis to help insurance company investemnt bosses cut through the noise.

In the UK and developed world, the debate is now shifting to the when and how of reopening for business, but what the path out of lockdown is and how long it takes remains an open question. Meanwhile, some of the emerging hotspots we identified in earlier updates are now rapidly escalating, with South America and Russia particularly prominent.
A third wave as Covid-19 shifts to new geographical foci cannot be ruled out, and we note that this week saw the highest number of new cases globally in a day, reiterating that this is not done yet. Despite volatility and other financial data points indicating a de-escalation, risks and fragilities are all too evident.

In this uncertainty, distilling key points of relevance and planning carefully are more critical than ever for the insurance community going forward.

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Join the experts

As we stick our heads above the parapet, please join us for our next events, which will delve into the impact and implications of Covid-19 for insurers, and ponder where we go now. 

The Light at the End of the Tunnel?
The macro and portfolio impact of Covid-19 for insurers
Wednesday 27 May, 10am to 11.30am

We will have a compelling list of speakers to help us analyse the current state of play, including David Page, Head of Macro Research at AXA Investment Managers, David Thompson, UK Life CIO at Zurich and Con Keating at Brighton Rock Group. 

Read our exclusive interview with David Page on trying to peer through the uncertainty looming over the economy today.

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Through a Mirror Darkly
Surveying the insurance landscape and portfolio post-pandemic. Where next?
Tuesday 16 June, virtual event

This morning seminar will be aiming to evolve the discussion from the May event in order to ponder where next for insurers and their investemnet strategies.

In accordance with the current advice from Public Health England this will be a virtual event. 

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As always, our events are complimentary for insurers, policymakers, industry bodies and select independents only. Please note spaces are strictly limited. The events are eligible for CPD points and certificates will be issued to attendees.