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Populism rise could cause big falls in multi-asset portfolios - MSCI

An MSCI report has examined the investment implications of the rise of populism around the world, and found that multi-asset portfolios could lose as much as 11% of their value as a result.

Aviva buys Royal Bank of Canada insurance business

UK insurer Aviva has strengthened its market position in the Canadian market with the acquisition of the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) General Insurance Company.

Brexit: The insurance aftermath Week 2

A week on and fears over volatility have given way to relief all round.

Global Insurance Trends 05.07.2016

This week, there was unprecedented political turmoil across both UK main parties following the Brexit vote and the Prime Minister David Cameron's intention to step down.

UK real estate drop may be cushioned by monetary policy easing - AVIVA

The drop in UK real estate value triggered by Brexit could be mitigated by easier monetary policy, said Chris Urwin of Aviva Investors.

International life shares plunge

Shares in the world’s largest life and pensions companies have been hit for a second day following the announcement on Friday that Britain has decided to leave the European Union.


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