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Insurers' fortunes vary in investment industry’s bleak half

The half year numbers out from three of the UK’s largest insurance companies over the past few days illustrate the increasing importance of backing the right asset management horse.

We’re all Keynesians now

You have to give Mark Carney credit for creativity. Central banks are backed into a corner when it comes to their options and ability to influence the real economy.

Global Insurance Trends 09.08.2016

This week, further second quarter and interim financials provided most of the headlines.

Global Insurance Trends 02.08.2016

This week, second quarter and interim financials made the headlines, with the reinsurance/specialty sector leading the field.

What happens when the reserves run dry?

The perfect storm is brewing for the UK’s general insurers. Premium rates remain low, investment returns are on the floor and the regulator is starting to ask tough questions about the strategy of maintaining profitability by dipping into reserves.

Global Insurance Trends 26.07.2016

This week, the International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS) issued a Public Consultation Document on its Risk-based Global Insurance Capital Standard (ICS).


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