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Trump’s trade tantrums

Markets, commentators and investors have been turning somersaults trying to come to terms with the implications of the Trump Presidency. They had better get used to doing so as the new President is busy tearing up the rulebooks, especially the one entitled global trade.

Global Insurance Trends 01.02.2017

This week, there were a wide range of trend publications. Beazley Breach Insights reported that ransomware attacks quadrupled in 2016.

Zurich cuts 240 jobs from the UK under restructure plan

Life insurer Zurich is set to cut 240 jobs in the UK as part of its ongoing business restructure.

Aviva to sell 60% of Hong Kong life business

British insurance giant Aviva has agreed to sell two thirds of its Hong Kong life business to Chinese tech firm Tencent and private equity firm Hillhouse Capital in a deal that will see the unit transform into a digital insurer.

In the long term, we’re all wrong

The recent appearance of Bank of England governor Mark Carney before the Treasury Select Committee cast some long shadows over the value of economic forecasts, even those from central banks.

IMF raises warning flag over emerging market corporate debt

Last week, the International Monetary Fund held a briefing in Washington to update its World Economic Outlook.


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