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Global Insurance Trends 07.12.2016

This week, The International Underwriting Association (IUA) spelt out four detailed priorities from Brexit negotiations identified by companies in the London Market, as Brexit issues dominated the mainstream media.

EIOPA presses ahead on supervisory convergence

With political and macro-economic turmoil grabbing more attention every day, it is all too easy to forget that the serious business of regulating Europe’s insurance companies continues at a relentless pace in the background.

Global Insurance Trends 29.11.2016

This week, the UK Chancellor's Autumn Statement included a further hike in Insurance Premium Tax, and was criticised across the market.

The Calendar of Uncertainty 

You could have joked earlier this year that you foresaw a nightmare scenario for an implausible triple whammy of unexpected disruptive events

Global Insurance Trends 22.11.2016

This week, regulatory issues were to the fore.

Softer Brexit? Should we be looking north?

The language of the political debate around Brexit has suddenly become more nuanced, maybe pointing towards a softer Brexit, even retaining some access to the single market.


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