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March 2019 voting results: No lifting of the gloom

The first Insurance Investment Exchange seminar of 2019, held at Salters’ Hall in the City of London, dipped its toes into the chilly currents of economic uncertainty swirling around the global economy. Volatility and uncertainty might be all around them but the chief investment officers in the audience were certain about one thing.

March 2019 seminar report: The Changing Landscape

The first Insurance Investment Exchange seminar of 2019 set out to capture the mood of uncertainty sweeping across the economies of the developed world and analyse its impact on the assets insurers have relied on to ensure they meet their obligations and contribute to the success of their businesses.

Thought leadership: Quality and security key focus for real estate debt

Turbulent economic and financial times are often marked by a flight to quality, especially among institutional investors as they strive to protect themselves against unpredictable downsides.

Roundtable Report: Trade Finance - A Compelling Story

Trade finance strategies offer compelling risk-return profiles with low correlation to bonds and equities and with the added bonus of favourable Solvency II treatment, but also need significant investment to implement.

Global Insurance Trends 05.03.2019

This week, the London Market Group unveiled its revised mission and announced two new workstreams at its Market Forum.

March 2018 Seminar: Searching for the Illusion of Normalisation

Normalisation of monetary policy a decade on from the financial crisis could be an illusion. When is normalisation going to arrive – or is this it?


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